No Regrets: How To Kickstart Your Career AND Your Life 電子書籍版

  • No Regrets: How To Kickstart Your Career AND Your Life 電子書籍版
  • Dr.BobTobin


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    This inspiring guide is for young people who are looking to kick start their careers and live their dream life. This book is perfect for students, recent college graduates, Gen Z and millennials already in the working world, along with those of any age who simply want a fresh start in their career. This book lays down the essential groundwork to help realize the career and life that you want to lead. The valuable advice and guidance given will alter how you navigate the journey into beginning your career and change the way you live each day―with no regrets!Renown executive coach, teacher, consultant, author, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and jack of many trades, Dr. Bob Tobin draws on his own diverse work experience as well as from the powerful inspirational anecdotes of his students, peers, mentors, and more, to help you navigate this crucial part of your career journey. From the examples and anecdotes, you’ll learn about what has made a difference in their lives, the decisions that have helped them, the mistakes they have made, and what they have learned from the mistakes. Rich with practical and actionable guidance, this book is for young people about to embark on their professional lives along with those seeking more purpose and meaning in their current work and lives.This book is the essential way to help you think more deeply about what you do for work and how you want to live. The mix of inspiring advice, practical suggestions, questions for reflection, and uplifting stories will help guide you to develop important skills so you can build a wonderful career and a beautiful life that you can be proud of.You’ll discover:How to start thinking more deeply about your career.How to let go of your long held beliefs.How to embrace the act of change.How to develop decision making skills.How to gain confidence and build courage.How to make sure you are adding value.How to widen your world.And more!